Soul Searching

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Sharon Pritchard, Consulting Hypnotist; Bachelor of Arts
C.H., B.A.

Butterflies represent transformation
Consulting Hypnotist and Facilitator for Change

Soul Searching is about following your own guidance, if you are asking the questions, where "should" you be or what you "should" be doing, it means that you still have not found your right spot on earth.  You are doing an activity that somebody else should be doing.

Sharon has always been curious and has explored many various modalities, and she is here to assist you with your own self discovery using Hypnosis by assisting with your Soul Connection or Journey. Other various energy treatments are available. Attunements, alignments, activation and acceleration (Golden Infinity Flow Technique; G.I.F.T., and Reiki .  She incorporates the use of Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Tuning forks and Intuitive Card Readings  to help your with vibrational shifts and to clear blockages. The key to searching for  oneness, truth and purpose lies within oneself; through connection to others and to Source  Energy.

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